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Regional Australia Events

Bill Newman and his team are eager to share the Gospel in your community free of charge and Vision Christian Radio will support the events with free promotion.

When the Gospel is shared with clarity and conviction, people respond.

That’s why Vision Christian Radio and Bill Newman Ministries have joined together to help local churches across Australia to hold outreach events that engage the community and invite people to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. Bill and his team will come and minister free of charge and Vision Christian Radio will support the events with free promotion.

These outreach events are in a form previously known as evangelism rallies or “crusades”.

By God’s grace, thousands have accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour, in Australia and around the world, at Bill Newman outreach events.

Bill Newman Ministries (BNM) outreach events are always done alongside the local churches, and only at the invitation from a substantial number of denominations in the community.


The format of these outreach events is as described below, and the scale of the events is adjusted for the size of the local communities.


  1. A substantial number of denominations in a community invite BNM staff to a meeting to outline the procedures and requirements for an outreach.
  2. After consideration by local church leaders, an invitation may be sent to BNM and after agreement is reached, the following takes place:
    1. A Memorandum of Understanding is signed between the local churches and BNM.
    2. BNM works closely with church leaders to set up local committees to prepare for the outreach events. BNM staff participates in committee meetings.
    3. Preparation for the outreach events generally takes six to twelve months.
    4. All local church members are invited to attend three very insightful and interesting classes aimed at refreshing them in their faith and equipping them to participate in the outreach program, according to their giftings and abilities.
    5. Monthly combined churches prayer meetings are held during the months leading up to the outreach week.


Proclamation refers to the events during the outreach week.

  1. Wednesday through to Friday, visits by children and youth ministry artists/performers, to primary and high schools in the region.
  2. Thursday evening
    1. Welcome dinner for church pastors/ministers, local committee members, artists/performers, the evangelist and his team.
    2. Final combined churches prayer meeting.
  3. Friday evening – Youth rally.
  4. Saturday morning – Children’s program.
  5. Saturday evening – Family rally.
  6. Sunday morning – Combined churches service and final message by evangelist. (optional but strongly recommended)

Personal Follow Up

New believers and people who recommit their lives to Jesus, should be quickly and effectively followed up and nurtured. This is facilitated through free training and follow up strategy supplied by BNM but carried out by the local churches.

Further notes

All costs for BNM staff are carried by BNM.
Training costs for volunteers participating in the outreach and for all church members are also carried by BNM.

Costs for items such as venue hire, stage, lighting, sound, security, insurance, local promotion and guest artists (except BNM staff) are carried by the local churches. BNM may be able to assist in the budgeting process.


If you are a church leader interested in exploring the possibility of holding an evangelism outreach in your community, please enter your expression of interest in the following form: