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Revival Revisited in North East India

Revival Revisited in North East India
August 7, 2018 Darin Browne
In Outreaches
Jowai revival


The town of Jowai in the Jaintia Hills of North East India hosted an incredible three days of revival evangelistic events which saw hundreds of commitments and amazing excitement across the region.

Jowai revival

Jowai revival

Bill Newman traveled with singer Darin Browne to this remote area of North East India with a dream in his heart… to witness the incredible scenes of a decade before when Jowai area experienced true revival.  The Lord did not disappoint as evidenced by the many people who streamed forward to dedicate their lives totally to Jesus Christ.


After two solid and taxing days of travel, the Bill and Darin were inspired by the simple, yet profound faith shown by local leaders. With the current climate precluding the possibility of outdoor meetings, the largest church building in the district was coupled with multiple overflow areas in anticipation of the Lord moving powerfully.

Revival in Jowai

Jowai revivalLocal choirs and artists sang and inspired the people, after which Darin shared his unique style of music which excited and opened the hearts of the people to the Gospel.  Then the long-awaited preaching of Dr. Bill Newman began to ring around the auditorium, as he shared challenging life-changing messages, calling the people of Jowai to repentance and commitment.


Jowai revivalAs many young people responded to the Word of God, they walked to the front with tears of repentance, weeping and crying out for the salvation of the homes and families. They then prayed prayers of commitment towards reaching their region and their nation for Jesus Christ.  Rarely have Bill and Darin seen such genuine and heartfelt openness to serving the Lord in this generation.


After this brief visit, Bill is convinced that the Lord is still doing exciting and amazing work in the hearts of the people of Jowai, and he believes that the commitments made during this weekend will continue to transform the North East region of India.

Jowai revival