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World Summit in Defence of Persecuted Christians

World Summit in Defence of Persecuted Christians
April 3, 2017 Ian Anderson

April 2017 Up Coming Ministry

Christians are being killed for their faith around the world.

Here’s what’s happening in Egypt.

The Islamic State stormed into the home of a plumber and shot him to death in front of his wife and children. A few days ago a teacher was shot to death by masked gunmen. One man was beheaded and another set on fire. All in the name of Islam.

In a video earlier this week, the Islamic State vowed to step up attacks against the Coptic Christian minority, describing them as infidels. Hundreds have fled their homes for safety. One Coptic resident said, “I’m not going to wait for death.” ISIS wants to exterminate them — wipe them out — because they bear the name of Christ.

In May, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is holding the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians in Washington, DC. Pray for the church in Egypt and throughout the Muslim world as they are being slaughtered mercilessly in many places. And share this with others who will pray!

Because of our work in many of these areas, I have been invited to attend this very important summit. Please pray that the information gained will be a real help to so many of our Brothers and Sisters in so many places who need our help so badly.

The year ahead is filling with exciting opportunities to proclaim the Gospel. We really need your help with prayer and financial support.

These are incredibly vital days. The Gospel is the one and only real answer today.

Please stand with us. We are so grateful.

Together – Reaching a lost world.

Bill and Dorothy with the Team.

Yes Bill! I/we will stand with you.