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TV Testimony

TV Testimony
February 25, 2021 tosh
In News

“…Him I proclaim to you.” Acts 17:23

We are so encouraged with this wonderful letter from our dear Brother Pastor Len Nakarawa in Fiji. I know it will bless you as well.

Greetings Jorge and Karen

Pastor Len Nakarawa

Doctor Bill Newman Teachings on Fiji one Television station every Sunday morning 0800am to 0830am has been a great inspiration and encouragement to our people here in Fiji since it started last year and many thousands of lives have been impacted and also reached who are not church goers and are now making a commitment to attend and watch his teaching programs every Sunday even those who are sick and staying at home.


We as a family make it a commitment to watch Dr. Bill Newman Teaching since we were having the lockdown last year on a consistency basis every Sunday we are at home and take notes and we have surely enlarged our capacity of understanding the word of God and the simplicity of the Gospel. I also do a post on Facebook on my page on his teachings to reach all my friends around the globe.

We would love to personally thank Dr. Bill Neuman, the ministry, and the sponsors for making it possible so that the Nations of the Pacific islands could be reached with the Gospel of the good news for such a time as this. Thanking you all for your love and heart of generosity towards our Nation Fiji and the Pacific islands.

It’s our prayers and faith confessions that your harvest will be greater in every realms and spheres of your lives as you continue to plough in this harvest field.

Thankyou for giving to the Lord.
Pastor Len Nakarawa

Please continue to pray as we broadcast Power for Living each week. In these days of fear our message is more important than ever

Please help us with a gift so we can continue to present the gospel to so many by television.