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Training Evangelism Leaders – Malaysia

Training Evangelism Leaders – Malaysia
November 22, 2019 tosh
In News, Outreaches

Thank you so very much for your prayer for our meetings in Malaysia, the Lord certainly answered them. Jorge Rodrigues and I were so blessed meeting with the NECF leaders responsible for Evangelism throughout the nation.  The desire, as well as outreach, is to conduct a national School of Evangelism to raise up Proclaimers.  We also preached in two churches in Seremban. What a joy to see so many giving their lives totally to Christ.

Please pray as we plan for the future.

Pastor John Tonga invited me to preach at their annual Gospel Music weekend in Logan City. I was so nostalgic preaching under the blue and white tent thinking back to the many towns and cities throughout Australia we conducted Crusades with our blue and white tent. I miss those days so much where so many came to Christ under our tents.

Bill with Pastor John Tonga

Jorge Rodrigues is in Fiji at the moment planning for Suva and two other cities there in 2020. Please pray for him.

Christmas is the wonderful time of year when we remember when the greatest Father gave the greatest Son.

Please encourage us now by sending a generous gift.  Your faithful support means so very much.

Together serving our wonderful Master.

Bill and Dorothy with the Team.




  • For National School of Evangelism in Malaysia.
  • For planning and preparation of meetings in Fiji 2020.
  • For meetings and events in Cherbourg and other Australian areas still to come this year.
  • For news spots going out on Vision Christian Radio.
  • For many Christmas tracts being distributed.
  • For practical support, without which we simply could not go with the Gospel to these places.


Christmas Tracts

I am so excited about the many Christmas tract orders going out this Christmas.

These tracts explain the Gospel simply and provide a means to anyone that seeks Jesus this Christmas, to  confirm their faith and recognise their commitment. It can be used as a handout or you can walk through it personally with someone to share the Good News.

Many Churches & individual supporters are planning to use these tracts, at Christmas events and street evangelism, to get the Gospel out this Christmas. You can include in your Christmas cards, letterbox your street or the whole area around your church with them.

Evangelism is sowing and reaping. Let us use these mini-evangelists to sow the seed of the Gospel to desperately needy hearts today.

What an opportunity we have to witness to the diverse cultures we are surrounded by; many that do not know of the love of our wonderful Lord.