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“Setting our sails where the wind is blowing”

Ministry Report: Nellore, India

“Setting our sails where the wind is blowing”
February 27, 2017 Ian Anderson

February 2017 Ministry Report

The city of Nellore in Andhra Pradesh in India will never be the same again.

The Festival of Peace made a tremendous impact as thousands flooded the grounds right in the center of the city. Signs advertising the meetings could be seen everywhere all giving credibility to the faithful invitations so many gave to friends to come.

And come they did. Every night the place was filled with excitement and joy. Indian music could be heard for miles. The presence of the Holy Spirit was at work in lives already, preparing them to receive the message of the Gospel.

“Please come forward.” And thousands did. To God be all the glory!

Bill had the great joy of joining with Dr. Robert Cunville associate evangelist with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association with his team and to see how powerfully this city was impacted for the Lord.

Leaders were leading the way in Nellore. Hungry to be better carers of the Lord’s flock. They came with hungry hearts and notebooks to equip themselves to feed and lead God’s people.

As the seminar meetings concluded Bill asked everyone to kneel and to ask for a fresh anointing for service for the Lord’s work. The heartfelt crying out to God was so touching.

Thank you for your prayer and support to make all this possible. We are so deeply grateful.