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Reaching Thousands

Reaching Thousands
October 6, 2020 tosh
In News

We are so thrilled at the way our “Power For Living” TV programs are being received through Fiji One TV and Facebook. Here are our latest program statistics for those reached and recorded responses:

Program Title People Reached Responses
“Youth Aflame” 69,776 3,473
“He’s Alive” 72,658 2,021
“The World’s Worst Disease 83,585 4,709
“The Road to Armageddon” 64,832 3,634
“The World’s Greatest Question” 60,740 2,754

Now for more good news

We have just received news that Australian Christian Channel is taking our program as well. This is such a blessing. Now we are able to take the Gospel right throughout our nation, something I have dreamed of for so long. From Perth to Proserpine, from Hobart to Bathurst Island and everywhere in-between, as well as sending it on so that other countries can use it as well.

This is such a wonderful opportunity. The program will repeat 3 times a week at a generous rate of $325 per week. We believe this is so reasonable considering the amount of people we can reach with the Gospel. Broadcasting times to come.

Please can you partner with us? We are so grateful to those who generously shared with us to take the Gospel throughout the Fiji Islands. Can you help us again but this time to reach our own nation? So many write to us, asking that we do more in Australia. And now in these desperate times, the Lord has opened up this wonderful opportunity. So many are living in fear with little hope. We are hearing of suicides and mental health problems escalating. We are so secular and there is a real anti-christ spirit in mainstream media.
The only hope is the GOSPEL.
Please help us to get out our life saving message

What a wonderful opportunity to proclaim this glorious message throughout Australia at $325 per program.
Please pray and ask the Lord how you can be a part of this.


With much love and prayer.
Waiting for His return.

Bill and Dorothy with the Team.