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Leading To The Gospel In Nellore, India

Upcoming Ministry: Nellore, Southern India

Leading To The Gospel In Nellore, India
January 30, 2017 Ian Anderson

February 2017 Up Coming Ministry

We are starting this new year with some exciting news.

Rev. Robert Cunville from the Billy Graham Team in India has invited me to come and share with him in a Crusade in Nellore north of Chennai in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

How I greatly value your prayer for this important outreach. Robert Cunville with be preaching the night meetings and I will be responsible for extra meetings including a leadership seminar for all the Pastors and leaders in the area. This training in leadership is so vital to the ongoing effectiveness of the churches there.

“The hope of the world is the church, the hope of the church is its leadership.”

(This outreach to India will cost $4500 – we’d be so grateful for your help.)

We are so deeply grateful for the support precious partners have given over the past year making it possible to reach so many. This year promises even greater opportunities. The world situation demands that we seize every opportunity to share the Gospel. The one, the only real hope for the world is the Gospel.

Will you take a moment to ask the Lord if He would have you to be part of this wonderful opportunity? Please partner with us and consider a generous gift at this time. We would appreciate this so much. I believe the impact of your giving will make a tremendous difference in India and to many other places this year.

Your gift means all the more to us knowing the love and prayer that comes with it.

Together  – Reaching the lost.

Bill and Dorothy with the Team.

Yes Bill! I/we will stand with you.