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Incredible Doors Opening in South America

Upcoming Ministry: Cordoba, Argentina

Incredible Doors Opening in South America
June 10, 2016 Ian Anderson

June 2016 News

When I was in Emmaus Bible College in Sydney in 1969-1970, I felt the Lord was calling me to go to South America. Now these many years later, that dream is finally coming to fruition.

Rodney Trinidad who comes from South America and who works with the Billy Graham Team in Sydney, and I, are traveling to Cordoba in Argentina. The purpose is to meet with leaders to discuss planning and preparing for crusades there next year. Leaders in Paraguay also want us to visit with them to see the possibilities of conducting outreaches with them as well.

These are incredible doors of opportunity that are open to us. Please help us to make this trip. These meetings could well result in a mighty harvest of precious souls in South America. We are so excited.

Please stand with us in this venture of faith. Pray that the people will catch the vision. Already there is great excitement.

Thank you again for making it this evangelistic ministry possible. Without your love and prayer we simply could not reach so many people for the Lord. We really appreciate your practical love and kindness.

Together, reaching the lost.

Bill and Dorothy with the Team

Yes Bill! I/we will stand with you.