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Hurting Hearts Healed in Sri Lanka – Report

Event Report: Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Hurting Hearts Healed in Sri Lanka – Report
August 20, 2016 Ian Anderson

August 2016 Event Report

As you view these photos rejoice with us. The Holy Spirit worked so powerfully in so many hearts. So many came to stand at the foot of the Cross to fully trust in the Saviour. Our hearts are so full and all we can say is – To God be the Glory.

Driving through this northern area of the beautiful area of Sri Lanka it was not hard to visualise the horrible slaughter that stained the earth with so much blood not too long ago. The collateral damage alone is hard to imagine. They told us that there are 80,000 widows alone in this area. Bullet holes can still be seen in the houses. Wrecked vehicles were piled up. Thousands lost their lives.

What do you say, what do you preach, to these that have seen so much and lost so much? How I thank the Lord that our message is one of HOPE.

As I looked out over a sea of hungry faces I could see in one of the meetings so many women. I preached on the widow of Nain. Tears freely flowed as so many came to the Saviour that night.

Darin Browne, Tony Willis and I joined a wonderful band of locals as we traveled from place to place. People were bused in from outlying areas. The local music was outstanding adding to Darin’s singing, which touched and opened so many hearts. Pastor Prince was my faithful interpreter. What a privilege to work with this faithful servant of God.

Planning is now underway for a return visit for 2017. Please pray for wisdom as to which areas we should go to. The need is so great.  Sri Lanka is so open to the Gospel.

Please pray for this tear shaped island nation, that tears of joy will replace the tears of heartache of the past. It is only this message of HOPE that can do it.

Every blessing to you and those you love.

Bill and Dorothy with the Team.

Yes Bill! I/we will stand with you.