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Gospel Goes Out In Lockdown

Gospel Goes Out In Lockdown
November 13, 2020 tosh
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…that all the peoples of the earth may know that the LORD is God; there is no other. 

1 Kings 8:60

We are certainly living in strange times. The Coronavirus has tied us all up in knots. We are still in uncharted waters and not sure of the future. The world is hoping for the best but thankfully Jesus Christ is still the world’s best hope!

Yet with all this, God’s people have become very creative in reaching out to a lost and hurting world with streaming their church services, zooming each other and in so many other ways.

All this has clipped our wings forcing us to refocus our ministry and service for the Lord. We never would have used TV programs but the Lord has opened some incredible doors of opportunity helping us to literally reach thousands now with the Gospel. See below the updated flyer being distributed in Fiji, in association with our TV programs.

The programs on Fiji One TV on Sunday morning are touching so many. A dear Sister in Sydney has offered help with the follow up having lived there in Fiji for some time.

It is such a blessing. The people of Fiji are hurting so much at the moment with no tourists. So many are desperate. The program is also now on TBN Pacific on Sunday afternoon reaching all of Oceania including the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia and will be on air with the ACC soon.

Dear friends, more than ever we need your prayer and support. The ‘Praise and Prayer Newsletter’ from our dear brother Jorge is under the Fiji brochure.

You are our “Inner Circle of Friends”. Your support enables us to reach so many at a time when we thought we would not be able to have our ‘Come Together’ outreaches.

I cannot think of a better investment than reaching a lost and hurting world, than right now while people are so open to the Gospel.

Please help us with a generous gift so that we can present a living Christ to a dying world.
Waiting for His appearing.
Bill and Dorothy with the Team