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Good News Going Far And Wide

Good News Going Far And Wide
July 31, 2020 tosh
In News

Our world now needs hope desperately.
Hopelessness abounds. The world is hoping for the best
but Jesus Christ is still the world’s best hope. We as
Believers are told to abound in hope.
We can enjoy joy and peace. What a blessing.

We have a message filled with HOPE.

The opportunity to reach so many through the Fiji One television station has been a real provision from the Lord.

We are now able to reach thousands with the Gospel.

I just received an email from a dear brother in NE Scotland telling me he is sending the program on to all in his church to further the Gospel. We are using facebook and other ways to take the  programs worldwide as well.

Please keep praying that many will respond to Christ.

Please continue to help us. We need help with the weekly cost of $500 for televising the program, plus the production costs as well. But what an investment!

This is an incredible opportunity to get our message out at this time.

We cannot travel to these places but our programs can. Now we are reaching far more precious souls.
Please pray about standing with us in this exciting venture of faith.

Your gift would be such a blessing and a great investment to reach so many.

We will be sending you a brochure from Dashing Documents, as we did last month. The subject line will be ‘TV Evangelism in the South Pacific’. Keep an eye out for this email and please share this opportunity as well.

Together – Serving Christ Under the Southern Cross.

Bill and Dorothy with the Team