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Celebrate the most generous gift of all

2015 Year in Review

Celebrate the most generous gift of all
December 8, 2015 Ian Anderson

December 2015 Proclaimer News

Dear Friends,

You can see why we are so thrilled and excited about this year. As you can see by these photos, God has blessed us in so many ways.

All this is possible because these precious people caught the vision of reaching their cities and nations for the Lord. They worked hard, prayed and gave financially to make these meetings a reality.  God the Father always blesses when we lift high and speak well of His Son.

But this was also made possible by the generous support of precious folk like yourself. Giving to the work of evangelism changes lives, not only for time but for eternity.

As you read this end of year newsletter can I ask you to seriously consider giving to this work? The year ahead is fast filling with thrilling opportunities.

Please pray about giving a generous gift toward this soul – winning ministry.

Our God gave generously, He gave the best of heaven. At this joyous time of celebration and giving please consider supporting so that – together as a Team we can rejoice in seeing precious souls won for our blessed Master.

Together – winning the lost.

Bill Dorothy with the Team.

Yes Bill! I/we will stand with you.