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India Calling

India Calling
July 9, 2019 nick

The state of Meghalaya in north east India has invited me on a number of occasions in the past to proclaim the Gospel. The joy we have had in seeing so many come to faith in Christ is so thrilling and fulfilling.

Dr. Robert Cunville, associate evangelist with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has invited me back but this time is different. He has invited me, along with a number of speakers, to share in a conference for Pastors from all across the state. In the past we have witnessed a
great movement of the Holy Spirit in revival. Our prayer is that we will see this again and that those who come will be touched mightily by God.

Will you pray with us that this conference will be so powerful that not only in Meghalaya, but the impact will be felt in other places in India as well.

Will Graham has invited me to join him in the nation of Albania. The meeting will be held in the city of Tirana. Albania is now post-communist and open to the Gospel. This is an outstanding opportunity to proclaim the Good News. So many need an answer to the emptiness of their lives. Many already have been trained for counselling; intense prayer is being organised and there is great excitement and expectation.

Please pray for a mighty harvest of precious souls and a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. May we see a fire ignited that will sweep across this nation.

I heard recently that those who give to evangelism are Gospel Patrons. I believe that is such a good term, for as you stand with us with your support, you are a Gospel Patron by your practical love and kindness enabling us to go telling the good news of the Gospel.
Please stand with us with your encouraging gift at this time.

Until He comes.

Bill and Dorothy with the Team.